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How can I search for Events with a specific string?

Searching for Events with a Specific String

  • File: Select one or more EMS Filter files (only one per Server). Follow the prompts to select Node, Volume, and Subvolume. List of available EMS Filter files will be displayed. Select one and click on + to add to your selected list. 
    • Pass (Yes/No). Controls whether Events that match the criteria in the Filter File are shown or suppressed. Yes – Show (Pass) events that match the criteria in the Filter File. No – Show events that DO NOT match the criteria in the Filter File. Default is No.
    • Use for all nodes. Check this option if you want to use the same Filter File for all nodes if you want to search for something specific on all systems in the neighborhood or want to exclude something. 
  • Event: Progressively narrow down the Events you want displayed. After each specification, click on + to add to your selected list.
    • Use this Owner, Subsystem for all nodes in the neighborhood.
    • Option to exclude Owner, Subsystem from the selection.
  • Only: Progressively narrow down the origin of Events. 
    • Exclude (Yes/No). Whether Events from these origins should be excluded. Default is No. 
  • String. Enter a string of characters (wildcards are allowed. Characters ‘: / ?& =’ are disallowed) to search for and match in the text of each message. Added support for Regex in the string field. The syntax supported follows the POSIX Extended Regular Expression standards.
      • Regular Expression. Default Is No.
      • Case Sensitive. Default is No.
  • Type: Select any one or more to specify the type of Event severity. 
  • Acked By: Filters the events Acked (Acknowledged) by a specific user.

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