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What is a secondary license?

It is required for users to have licenses for all servers for them to view EMS messages from different servers.

Example: Let’s assume you have 4 servers for which you purchased WVP E licenses for:

  • You only installed WVP E on Server 1 and want to view EMS messages from Server 2,3 & 4 in Server 1.
  • You will need to request a secondary license keys from License Manager for servers 2,3 & 4.
  • However, if you chose to install WVP E on all 4 servers and create a neighborhood for all 4 of them and logon to all 4 nodes, you are not required to have a secondary license key for any of those servers as you can select collectors from other nodes and view them all in one screen.

In order to get the secondary license key, you can send the request through license manager as for all other license requests. Apart from the regular information(like SPR & VRPOC info), they just need to let us know which server they want this secondary license for.


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