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Events Lite

Events Lite

Events Lite is a feature of Web ViewPoint Enterprise to enable a quick access to just the Events tab, also known as the light version of Web ViewPoint Enterprise. 

In order to access this light version of Web ViewPoint Enterprise, all that the users need to do is add the suffix “/#/lite” to their Web ViewPoint Enterprise URL. For example, if you access your Web ViewPoint Enterprise at https://nn.nn.nn.nn:8787/, you can access its Lite version at https://nn.nn.nn.nn:8787/#/lite. NOTE: ‘lite’ keyword in the URL is case-sensitive.

Logon Authentication for Lite Mode

Events Lite does not enforce a logon requirement by default. In order to enforce it, logon to the My NonStop instance of your Web ViewPoint Enterprise and go to the Manage Tab. Set the Configuration Parameter named LITEAUTH to “Yes” for Web ViewPoint Enterprise and restart the product.¬†

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