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Architecture – Overview


  • Data Driven Architecture. 

Web ViewPoint Enterprise is based on an open, data-driven architecture to display metrics from your own and 3rd party Applications available to install from My NonStop such as Shadowbase Monitor. 

Using a fully data driven architecture, Web ViewPoint Enterprise can display the metrics on its Global Dash and include it in its Alert features, where you can set Alert and forward conditions and take necessary automated action in case anything goes wrong. 

  • Neighborhoods and Connections.

A Neighborhood is a collection of NonStop Servers, each of which has a running copy of Web ViewPoint Enterprise. Each Server in this model is called a Resident. Each Resident holds information (e.g., IP address / name) about all other Residents in its Neighborhood. Web ViewPoint Enterprise connects to each Resident directly (Expand is not used), and in doing so learns about all other Residents/neighbors. It is therefore able to retrieve information from all Residents and display content on one or more Browser Windows as its user requires.

All this makes Web ViewPoint Enterprise a highly effective platform so that users can monitor all the required metrics from all the servers all-in-one-place directly through the user interface without having the need of using almost any NonStop command.

  • Installation: New & Upgrade.

An automated installation tool called My NonStop is provided by Idelji Corporation on NonStop for free. This will help you install a new instance of Web ViewPoint Enterprise or upgrade/import over from an older version that is supported by WVP E. 

On a new installation, it will prompt you to answer a set of configuration settings, after which it can install WVP E on one or more Servers (Residents of a Neighborhood).

Similarly, to install an upgrade, you will be prompted to select NonStop Servers where WVP E was previously installed. It will then upgrade the previous version to the new one, while saving your prior settings, logs, and profiles.

It is highly recommended that you run the same version of Web ViewPoint Enterprise on all Residents of a Neighborhood so that you can access all your server information and monitor their metrics all-in-one-place.

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