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Overview – Delivery

This is where you configure parameters for Alert delivery options of SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), Syslog (System Logging Protocol), JSON (JavaScript Object Notation), and SMTP (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). Note that each section has its own buttons:

  • Commits to changes
  • Resets the fields back to defaults on the screen (prior settings remain as they were)
  • Remove prior settings

SNMP – Define SNMP information required to forward Events to Enterprise Management software (e.g. Tivoli). A Trap Receiver component for UNIX or Windows must be installed, configured, and running. For example, Trap Receiver or HPE Open View can be configured as a Receiver that has a specific port. Enter the username, IP address, port of the SNMP receiver. Click on then click Submit. Clicking on the Reset will revert all the fields back to previous Submitted entry. Clicking on Delete will remove the entry.

SYSLOG to Enterprise– Define the IP/DNS name, port number to which the SYSLOG information must be sent.

JSON to Enterprise– Define the IP/DNS name, port number to which the JSON information must be sent.

SMTP – Define SMTP information needed to email out Alerts. The option to Use NonStop Email/SMS is recommended and must be configured with a valid SMTP IP address, Email address and Email password.

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