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How can I change the background color of my Events Display Screen?

Editing or Creating Skins
  • Go to Admin -> EMS -> Skins.
  • Here, you can either edit or create a new Skin which determines the font-family, font size, and color of how Events should be displayed on your live/query monitoring screen. You will assign a name to each Skin you define here.

List of available Skins will be listed on Events Setting screen, under the Display ribbon.

  • A summary screen shows the previously defined Skins. You can delete or edit current skins by clicking on the delete or edit button of its row. Click on the Add button on the top right to add a new Skin. Following are the available settings: 
    • Name: Max length for skin name is 18 characters long 
    • Font Family: Clicking on the drop down, will provide different font family to choose from. 
    • Background Color: The color palette can be used to quickly choose a color or manually enter the HTML color code. 
    • Font Size: Using the arrows up and down you can select the desired font size or type in the font size in pixels.
Setting up the Skin (and background color) for the Events Display Screen
  • Now, head over to Events.
  • Under the Display Tab, choose the Skin of your liking and set the criteria.

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