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What options do I have in the top toolbar?

  • Top toolbar

There is one bar displayed at the top of the Global Dash. You may see the details of all the servers in the neighborhood that you have logged on to on Web ViewPoint Enterprise. The color of each Server name is based on the respective current states of their monitored metrics. Starting from left, it has the following sections/icons:

    • Name(s) of the NonStop Server(s) are displayed along with the time of the last interval refresh are displayed. Time is derived from the NonStop Server(s).
    • Clock icon (Historic Detail)

In an open window, displays a list of all monitored metrics over the past hour. Where applicable, numbers have links to other windows and details.  Given the amount of the data to be displayed, this Window takes longer than usual to display in full. If you are logged in to a Neighborhood of Servers, it will also feature a dropdown list of Servers for which you can view the historic details. 

    • Show All Processes

This pops up a new window where you see all the processes on the server. Once you click on any process, you can observe the process trend and also view the PSTATE of that process. 

    • Add a New Frame 

This is used to add new frames to the dashboard. First select an Object. NonStop Server Objects, such as CPU or Disk are displayed on a list box. Select whether you would like a Chart or a Table display. If you select Chart, you may need to also select a specific Metric to display. You can also select Objects and Metrics from applications available on My NonStop such as Shadowbase Monitor if you have installed them through My NonStop already. 

  • Cloud icon – Link to connect to Remote Analyst (AWS or on premises – Requires License), where you can see full historical detail and analytics.
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