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Add a Group instead of individual aliases

Adding group.user supports aliases under that user or group

You can now add users/aliases under a group.*. Ability to add a group or user instead of just individual aliases. Any aliases that belong to that group or user would pick up the group/user access control settings. If an alias for a defined group or user is added, then the alias’s settings take precedence over the group/user settings.


In WVP E Admin – Users section, add user as super.* and set permissions such that this group has access to only to WVP E – Performance section.

All users & aliases under super.* will automatically have the permissions to Performance section (without manually adding each of them in the Users section).

Now, if you want to explicitly give additional or different permissions to specific users or aliases under this group, then you will need to add them individually. Adding a user/alias individually will overwrite the permissions of the group access controls.

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