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My NonStop – Overview

My NonStop is an App store and management platform which runs on HPE NonStop Servers. 

It is developed and maintained by Idelji Corporation for apps running on HPE NonStop Servers.

Apps developed by NonStop Servers use a variety of configuration parameters which requires certain knowledge of NonStop internals. System Engineers tasked with installation and management of such software must read lengthy installation manuals. This directs them to edit various files to suit them to their environment and use case. In addition, other user guide and management manuals must be reviewed to learn how to start, manage, and stop each Application. This whole process is demanding, slow, and error prone. It even gets more complicated when installing multiple applications developed by different companies, each of which have their own requirements and directives. Problem is further exasperated when needing to upgrade from one version to another or install certain updates and fixes.

Hence My NonStop was made available from Idelji, and it is free to all NonStop users.

My NonStop is a central platform where users can:

  • Shop for available products, or product upgrades from different companies.
  • Install the products.
  • Check the status of each App at any time.
  • Start and stop each App with a single click.
  • Change available setting options with ease.

My NonStop has its own dedicated Knowledge Base at https://x1h.120.myftpupload.com/my-nonstop-knowledge-base/.

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