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How can I forward Alerts to Enterprise Manager Tools?

  • In order to forward alerts, head over to Admin -> Alerts.

  • Click on Add or Edit button towards the right side of the Admin -> Alert Screen.
  • Head over to the Forward tab within the Add/Edit Alert window. Now, you can set how an Alert should be forwarded, and to whom. You may have different settings for Minor and Major violations. If Sync checkbox is ticked, then making change for one will be reflected on the other. Forward options are:
    • Enterprise Manager: Forwards messages from NonStop to your Enterprise monitoring systems/applications. Delivery options are SNMP (e.g., forward to Tivoli), JSON (e.g., forward to Moog), and SYSLOG. For each, information on how to send messages must be specified in Admin –> Delivery. To read more on how to setup Alert delivery protocols, visit Setup Alert Delivery Protocols.

    • Email / Text Delivery: Select any one or more users from the displayed list box, and choose from either Email or Text delivery options. Note that these options appear, only if all selected users have their email and phone # recorded in their profile.

    • Frequency:
      • Whether a notification is sent only once, or every so often (minutes), until the Alert condition is resolved.
      • Whether an additional notification should be sent when an Alert condition is resolved.
    • Escalate to: Select one or more persons who should be notified via Email or Text, if the Alert condition is not resolved after a period (minutes).


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