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How can I get a monthly breakdown of Events?


About Event Analyzer

Event Analyzer captures daily snapshots of all EMS Events of one or more Collectors.  This information is retained for a period determined by the system administrator. Event analyzer has a control bar on top, along with three graphs which display Event counts in a drill-down fashion, in two categories of Critical (red) and Non-Critical/others (green). When you first access Event Analyzer, it displays information for the most recent day of the current month (or most recent month, if today is the first day of the month).

Top Control Bar

Navigate to Analyses -> Events. Select from the options below and click on Submit

  • Year. Default is the current year, but you may select any prior year for which data is retained.
  • All or selection. By default, counts of all Events are displayed. You may however choose a specific Owner, or Owner & Subsystem, or Owner & Subsystem & Event number.
  • D/H or W/H. Default is Days & Hours (D/H) which displays information for each day of a selected month. You may also choose Weekdays and Hours (W/H), which sums up counts of Events and displays them for the weekdays (Sunday – Saturday) of each month.

Getting a monthly breakdown of Events

The top graph shows Total Event counts (critical and others) per month. Click on a bar to select:

  • Event Detail.
    • Non-Critical: Opens a new Window and displays the actual list of Noncritical (others) Events posted for the selected month.
    • Critical: Opens a new Window and displays the actual list of critical Events posted for the selected month.
  • Trend Daily. Shows Event counts (critical and others) per day of the month in the middle Graph, and also displays the hourly counts for the last day of the selected month in the bottom Graph.

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