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What are the supported SNMP Versions?

Before you begin: To modify alert notification settings, you must be assigned the Administrator role. You must be running an SNMP management application in your system environment. Management Information Base (MIB) files are provided via WVPMIB file which will be part of your installation files (within WVP E subvolume). You must set up the SNMP trap receiver with the MIB files to receive SNMP traps from WVP Enterprise. WVP E software supports the following versions of SNMP:

Model Level Authentication Encryption
v1 noAuthNoPriv Community String No
v2c noAuthNoPriv Community String No
v3 noAuthNoPriv Username No
v3 authNoPriv Message Digest 5 (MD5) or Secure Hash Algorithm (SHA) No
v3 authPriv MD5 or SHA Data Encryption Standard (DES)
To read more about setting up Alerts Delivery via SNMP, click here.
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