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What’s New? – Overview


What’s New?

  • Data Driven Architecture. In an open architecture, you can now use Web ViewPoint Enterprise to display metrics from your own and 3rd party Applications.  Following guidelines in an Opensource format, you can develop modules that read and maintain metrics in memory from other sources on NonStop. Using a YAML structure, this information can then be passed to Web ViewPoint Enterprise. Using a fully data driven architecture, Web ViewPoint Enterprise can display the metrics on its Global Dash and include it in its Alert features, where you can set Alert and forward conditions. 
  • Global Dash. A new and flexible Performance monitoring Dashboard is introduced with this release. You are now free to use the open architecture stated above, to include your applications’ metrics along with NonStop subsystems on the same screen, for one or more NonStop Servers (Residents of a Neighborhood). User interface is much improved, where nearly all features utilize point and click with no requirement for internal NonStop commands.

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