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How can I change the Event colors?

Customizing Event Colors and Types

  • Users have the capability to customize event colors and specify event types (normal, critical, action needed, and action completed) based on the event pass value. Following is the default configuration:

  • This configuration is present in the EVTCSTM file. A maximum of 100 pass values can be specified (numbered 0-99).
  • When a filter file is not specified, Web ViewPoint assigns Pass Values 0, 1, 2 or 3 to all events based on the ZEMS^TKN^ACTION^NEEDED and ZEMS^TKN^EMPHASIS tokens. It then refers to the above table to determine the event type and the color in which to display the event in the browser. The Event type is needed to display event counts at the top of the event list.
  • Following is the default rule used by Web ViewPoint to assign pass values:
    • § If ZEMS^TKN^EMPHASIS present, Pass Value is 2
    • § If ZEMS^TKN^ACTION^NEEDED present and is True, Pass Value is 1
    • If ZEMS^TKN^ACTION^NEEDED present and is False, Pass Value is 3
    • All other cases, Pass Value is 0

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